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The Food Shack J2 Construct-11.jpg

Project Overview

LOCATION: Middletown, Rhode Island
TYPE: Commercial
IMAGES: Visual Manor


Jeff Lipshire, President of J2Construct, has a vision — and now that J2’s renovation of the Middletown Grange building is finally complete, it’s sure proof of the outstanding work that can be executed by his team. The building went through a major modification, with the optimal goal of better utilizing the building’s volume, especially in the restaurant space.


While the design of the project emphasizes the aesthetic of the New England shingle-style facade, the interior is a modern-day restaurant experience. Jeff wanted the restaurant space to feel as big as possible, to mimic the heights of this barn-style building.


J2Construct teamed up with Cordtsen Design Architecture to execute his plans and they are finally ready to celebrate with The Food Shack for their Grand Opening on July 13th, 2022. All are invited to tour the space, eat amazing local food, and meet the team.

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